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Lynnae Lawrence MD

Hau Kona, Loloma.  My English name is Lynnae Lawrence, I am Hopi/Nakoda from Moencopi, Az and Lodgepole, MT.  My Hopi name is Nukwanghoya and my Nakoda name is Hežáža Wiyá.  I am of the Sun Clan on my Mother’s side.  My most treasured responsibility is as a Grandmother, or So’o, to my six beautiful grandchildren.  I work for the Veterans Administration as a Telemedicine Physician providing medical services to the outlying islands, American Samoa and Guam.  It was this specialty that brought me to the home of the Kanaka Maoli of which I am honored.  I grew up participating in my Indigenous cultures.  I am President of the O’ahu Native Nations Organization (ONNO) and was the Pow Wow coordinator for the 2018 and 2019 O’ahu Pow wow’s which were the largest pow wow’s to be seen on Hawaiian lands ever.  We look forward to doing the same in the future. Askwali, Pina

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