Hawaiian Tattoo Master | Keliʻiokalani Mākua


Keliʻiokalani Mākua follows the traditional way of kākau uhi.  He apprenticed under Hawaiian tattoo master, Suʻa Suluape Keone Nunes for nearly 3 decades who titled him, Keoneʻulakamakauhi as a Hawaiian tattooing priest in 2016.  He follows in the tradition of his 6th generation great-grandfather, Hūnōhūnōhōlani who his pā is named for. Through the years, he has contributed actively alongside Keone Nunes to bring the tradition of uhi back to the people of Hawaiʻi. Like many traditions in the Hawaiian culture, he and his work belong to the land and people of Hawaiʻi.

“My ultimate goal is to take all the vast amount of knowledge, shared wisdom, and skills passed on to me from my family and teachers and share with not only the people of Hawaiʻi but, with the world and with those seeking this knowledge. […] I feel I have been tasked with this and it is with great humility that I will give it my all to make sure I answer this calling and fulfill not only my destiny but, the destiny of my ancestors and the future generations …”

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