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Mahu Culture with Pillars of the Community, Leikia Williams & Maddalynn Ashton. Through her inspiration and leadership, she has touched many lives by being the guiding light for transmen and transwomen to live their authentic truths. As a showgirl and Entertainer, Maddalynn naturally became a leading voice in the LGBTQIA+ community and used her platform to advocate transgender equality. Within the community she continues to be a role model and mentor for local transgender youths in Hawaii, supporting their growth and helping them navigate life, health, and relationships while making safe choices. In addition to her processional accomplishments, Maddie is a mother of 3 adult children that she has raised since birth, grandmother of 5 beautiful granddaughters who are true divas like their mama and is deeply connected to her Samoan heritage.

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  • As the mother of a trans daughter, THANK YOU! What a wonderful interviewer and beautifully handled. Thank you for treating these trans women and men as equals… as we know they should be!

    Carolyn Pope

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